Sunday, September 18, 2016

Best Review Guide on Tornado Classic Foosball Table

The Tornado Classic Foosball Table is perfect for your preoccupation room. It has a dull calfskin wrap up. The table is delivered utilizing manufactured wood that makes it sturdy and persevering. This foosball table four expanding posts on both the sides. It has a green playing surface finish that gives it a sensible solicitation. This foosball table has player "foot" that grants more correct ball control with higher cross brooding and square sides. It has precision ground balls give the smoothest and most exact play available. This Classic Foosball Table from Tornado has leg pad and down corner advancement for consistent quality.

The key foosball table simply made strides. The Tornado Sport 56 in. Foosball Table is a champion amongst the most well known gaming tables open. Made of MDF, this gaming table parts a tough outside spread with mahogany wrap up. The playing field is .75-slither thick with 1-inch sidewalls. The portable leg height highlight infers this table will conform as young foosball players form into more prepared foosball experts. An end ball return keeps the redirection moving. Precision ground balls give the smoothest and most exact play available, while tabletop math gadget scorers make scorekeeping basic. The 3-man goalie bars keep you in control of the redirection, even in the corners.

The Tornado Sport is a meat and potatoes kind of a table. It's not pretentious, but instead made with high gauge. The agency is 1-crawl thick MDF, giving it quality and strength. MDF is used on skirting on every table, however ones in this worth degree are a higher assessment material. It's made in the USA, which when in doubt means it's enhanced with quality than models starting from China. Tornado is one of the top brands out there.

Perfect for Children:

The stature adaptable legs make this table perfect for more energetic children too short to stay over the table. In the blink of an eye you can essentially lower or raise the table's stature to your fancied specific and you're set up to go!

You should purchase this table in case you are scanning for an advanced recreational table. Tornado arranges and manufactures a segment of the best Foosball tables on the planet; while that may be a fair indication of the quality expected, it in like manner infers the tables will be more exorbitant than lesser known brands, and you should want to pay more for these as well. Regardless, something to be appreciative for about getting a Foosball table with Tornado is their tendency of organization; they're constantly wanting to offer help. Any issue will be clarified promptly and enjoyably.


Solid, intense, feel, splendid bars, made in USA


No counterbalance

Saturday, September 10, 2016

3 Best Air Hockey Pool Table to Buy Without Second Thought

If you are considering an air hockey table why not reconsider and get a multi-game table that includes pool too. The versatile air hockey pool tables are the up-and-coming craze, but what are the true benefits?


If you think an air hockey pool table is too expensive, stop for a minute and think this through. If your children want to go to the arcade once a week, you could easily spend $50-$100 in one afternoon when you consider time, gas, drinks, food and the cost of the games. This comes to $400 a month! This is a substantial dent in the cost of a pool and air hockey table. In the end, the air hockey pool table may actually save you money! And once you purchase the table game you'll need almost no accessories.

The “Go-To” House

Children are always looking for a reason to escape from Mom and Dad and there seems to be a neighborhood house they gravitate towards. Why do they do this? Well, normally it’s because “that” friend’s house has all the toys. By making your house more kid friendly with an air hockey pool table, your children might actually stay home more often. Kids, especially teenagers, do truly need something to do and wouldn’t you feel better knowing your kids were safe and sound at home.

Children do have wild imaginations and who knows, they may enjoy the competition so much that they develop neighborhood contest. A billiards contest or air hockey contest is a great way to spend a night with friends, family or the entire neighborhood.

The Adults


Air hockey pool tables are not just for the kids – adults love them too. The tables are versatile and can provide multi-games, such as pool, air hockey and foosball. Why not have a weekly adult game night with your flip top game table. The neighbors would love you for it as they pack into your game room.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

3 Best Harvard Foosball Soccer Table to Buy

Foosball Tables also known as Soccer Tables are a fantastic game for every age. You can play with just two people or with several and still have a fantastic time. Kids and Adults alike can play against each other and have a excellent time.

If you are looking for a Foosball Table new or used or even supplies and parts then you have come to the right place. We have fantastic prices on all sorts of Foosball Tables. From Harvard, SportCraft, Halex, Bonzini, Shelti, Spartan, Voit and more. And you can read reviews on different tables too. So you can see which one is the best one for you.

Mid-Fielder Harvard Foosball Soccer Table
  • This is a higher-end Foosball Table from Harvard.
  • This gorgeous table would look in any game room. It is built for durability and some heavy game play.
  • This table comes with a nice large laminated MDF playbed and 15 inch aprons for added strength. It has a nice 2 inch chrome steel cross bar for extra durability.
  • The scorers are a nice manual wooden abacus style.
  • This table also comes with 4 soccer balls and has 2 nice cup holders for extra convenience.

Harvard 4 Foot Foosball Table

This is a really nice foosball table from Harvard if you are limited on space and don’t wanna break the bank.. It is only 4 foot in size and less than $100 bucks.

Features a really nice durable build. The table is a white, red, and black end with classic style players.

Harvard Goal Getter Foosball Table

  • Are you looking for a fantastic starter Foosball table?
  • If so the Harvard Goal Getter Table is a fantastic choice.
  • The Harvard Goal Getter Soccer Table features is a solid table.

It has 1/2 inch steel playing rods with smooth bushings for a nice clean and smooth motion. The soccer field is a nice green color and is pvc laminated to stand up to some pretty harsh game play.

It comes with manual scoring and the table comes with levelers on the legs to allow for a nice sturdy and level field.